Getting Your Bike In Shape

If you haven’t ridden your bike in a year or more, before going out for that first ride, put your bike in the car and head first to your local bike shop and have a qualified mechanic give you a tune up. Because the bike is a complex machine with many moving and integrated parts, there is an increased risk of injury when using a machine that is not in proper working order. even if you’re mechanically inclined, there are many subtle and not so subtle adjustments an experienced mechanic will make that will not only improve your overall experience on the bike, but will increase your speed and efficiency. It’s relatively easy to recognise a flat tyre, but far less easy to determine a loose and dangerous a loose and dangerous bottom bracket or head tube. And many components on new bikes have very specific tensions and torques where over tightening could lead to dangerous failure or cause stress cracks and fractures.

Depending on the condition and age of your bike, expect to pay between £30 to £80 for a tune up, which can include adjusting or replacing cables and housings, overall cleaning of the entire frame and cassette, chain, cogs, lubrication the chain, overall inspection to adjust shifting and braking ability, replacement of brake pads, handlebar tape, or cracked and worn tyres.

A tune up will typically take a few days, and should never be overlooked or substituted. care will also be given to use proper lubricants specifically designed for bike parts; common household lubricant is neither intended for nor useful in cycling applications.

Taking good care of your bike will result in your bike taking good care of you.

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