Gravel Skills Course

A gravel bike is your doorway to adventure. Allowing you to combine all types of terrain into one ride. Most of the terrain is easy going but sometimes you may find yourself on a single track designed for mountain bikes. This is where having some gravel riding skills will help to keep you safe on the bike.

The geometry of a gravel bike and having dropped handlebars means we have to adapt some of the traditional mountain bike skills, but once mastered your confidence on all trails will be matched by the smile on your face.

The skills we cover are:

  • The Neutral Attack Position
  • Manual Front Wheel Lift
  • Power Assisted Front Wheel Lift
  • Rear Wheel Lift
  • Track Stand
  • Climbing
  • Descending
  • Roll Offs
  • Drop Offs
  • Pumping
  • Riding Line
  • Route Planning
  • Kit To Carry

I started riding gravel before gravel was a thing. My adventures have taken me all over the country riding some epic trails. I have ridden up Snowdon twice, completed the Trans Cambrian Way which runs from the English border to the Welsh coast. I have completed the Dirty Reiver three times, Devon Coast to Coast and ridden in every National Park in England & Wales.

Apart from offering gravel specific skills courses I can assist you in planning your gravel adventures from a full days ride to multi day adventures such as:

  • The Scottish Coast to Coast on the John Muir Way
  • The English Coast to Coast on the Reivers Route
  • The Trans Cambrian Way across the width of Wales

If you want to have a gravel adventure drop me a line and lets get your idea to become a reality.