MTB Leadership Qualification (UK)

Guidance / Overview

This guidance page has been produced in an attempt to clarify various mountain bike leader qualifications available in the UK and their suitability for both individuals and organisations.

There are a number of qualifications from various organisations available in the UK. Many times we are asked which qualification is recognised. I think it would be fair to say that the following qualifications are probably the most widely recognised – MIAS, CTC, MBLA.

This is a similar situation, to say that which is used in first aid training. Here there are also numerous qualifications available. An example of this – St. Johns, Red Cross, ITC, REC etc.

Therefore it could be argued, that the potential Mountain Bike Leader / Instructor could attend any Mountain Bike Leader Course available to gain their qualifications.

It is important to note, that the qualifications are issued from the various awarding bodies as shown above. These awarding bodies do not deliver the Mountain Bike Leader Courses, these will be delivered by approved providers from the awarding body.

The approved providers of any qualifications will need to cover the requirements of their particular awarding body. Every provider, will probably use their own delivery style / method / personality / course content to deliver the course to satisfy (or maybe exceed) the requirements of their awarding body.

So arguably, probably your most important decision is your choice of provider, and maybe not who is the awarding body – MIAS, CTC, MBLA etc.

This leads us on to the question. Why do I need a Mountain Bike Leader Qualification? Here again, we have produced this as guidance, for potential Mountain Bike Leaders.