MTB Leaders Course

Become a qualified Mountain Bike Instructor and Leader with a nationally recognised award

We are the official provider for the Cannock Chase area and offer regular weekend courses, or midweek bespoke courses for 4 or more candidates.

This course is particularly beneficial for those who wish to gain employment or work as independent operators within the travel industry. It is also very popular with Teachers, Youth Leaders, Scout Leaders who have benefited from a recognised qualification with MIAS.

This is a 2 day course. The first day covers all aspects of the syllabus to ensure each candidate has the required knowledge and understanding of the content. The second day involves the candidates assessment in a group ride scenario where each candidate will be taking the lead role and managing the group and any situations that may arise.


The Level  1 non Technical qualification is aimed at those who wish to lead groups of beginners in non-technical terrain (forest tracks, canal towpaths etc). Basic Skills – allowing access into low-level terrain, with little potential hazards. i.e. country parks, canal towpaths, Bridleways and Cycle Paths in non-wilderness areas where help is almost immediately accessible. Have a current First Aid Certificate or be working towards obtaining one.

The Level  2 Technical qualification is aimed at those who wish to lead groups of beginners in non technical terrain and intermediate riders in technical (rocky /demanding terrain). For low level rides on Bridleways below 600m in wilderness areas. Intermediate Skills – allowing access into Wild Country, with the potential hazards that surround such terrain. Candidate must be in possession of a BEL Award, WGL or equivalent or Accredited APL. Have a current First Aid Certificate and good map reading skills.

Both Level 1 & 2

Both Level 1 & 2 courses are run together. Candidates & the course instructor will decide after the initial assessment period which certification the individual candidates will undergo on the course, Level 1 or Level 2.  The course has national accreditation with The Association of British Cycle Coaches (A.B.C.C.), Cyclist’s Touring Club (C.T.C.) and is recognised by the Adventure Activities Licensing Authority (AALA), Adventuremark.

Association of British Cycling Coaches

All our coaches are members of the ABCC. Registered Coaches are insured against Civil indemnity for protection against lawsuits leveled towards individuals as well as third party risks for any accidents which may occur in the course of their coaching activities. The current cover is £5 million.

Course syllabus

  • Group management
  • Communication
  • Coaching skills
  • Navigation
  • Route planning
  • Risk assessment
  • Management
  • Legal issues
  • Recording systems
  • Access & conservation.
  • Equipment requirements
  • Riding skills
  • Emergency repairs

The syllabus shown assessed to meet MIAS requirements by the following methods-

  • Candidates who wish to be assessed at Level 1 must be able to demonstrate basic off-road riding skills and have a current First Aid Certificate or be working towards obtaining one.
  • Candidates who wish to be assessed at Level 2 must be able to demonstrate strong off road riding skills including step drops (up to 1/2 metre), descending / braking in a controlled manner, effective climbing and pedaling techniques in rough / rocky terrain.  Have a current First Aid Certificate or be working towards obtaining one

Mountain Bike Leader Awards Level 1 to 3

Qualifications – non technical to mountainous terrain

  • MBL1 – Mountain Bike Leader Level One  – Non technical Terrain
  • AMBL -Assisting Mountain Bike Leader Level One  – Non Technical Terrain
  • MBL2 – Mountain Bike Leader Level Two  – Technical Terrain
  • MBL3 – Mountain Bike Leader Level Three – Mountainous Terrain

Knowledge & Understanding:

  1. Of health and safety policies
  2. Understand and implement risk assessment processes
  3. Of group management
  4. Of group safety
  5. Of cycle maintenance
  6. Understand and implement route planning
  7. Understand and demonstrate riding techniques
  8. Of legal considerations
  9. Of navigating on a cycle
  10. Of access and conservation
  11. Plan, run and evaluate a session
  12. Of weather conditions
  13. Understanding of child protection polices
  14. Understanding and implementation of equality
  15. Understanding of consent and medical information
  16. Understanding and implementation of MIAS policies
  17. Practical examination