Well I think my last post was about the MTB Marathon I did in North Wales and the purchase of my Cyclocross bike.
It took an age to get the wheels sorted out for the cross bike as the ones on it are tubs, which basically means the wheels are glued onto the rims and if you get a puncture it is quite awkward to fix. So these wheels and tyres are now stored in the garage and I have a new set on that suit my needs.
It is quite mad that I set out to do this to raise £2500 for the charity and I have nearly spent that much on kit to do the ride. I should have just donated the money and been done with it all. Don’t tell Anne!!
So the new bike is proving to be very good, I have been out and done a fair few road miles on it and have even progressed to wearing full Lycra. I know what a sight. But when i do my ride this new bike will make the first 2 days a lot easier. With less rolling Resistance and a higher cruising speed I should cover some ground quite fast.
I have set the date of October 18th to ‘see how far I can get’. My goal is to start from home and travel my route to at least Chester which is 100km (62 miles), but it would be great to reach Prestatyn which is a total of 138km (85 miles). Which is only 23 miles further on mostly tarmac so the hard work will be behind me.
My friend Paul Massey who is helping on the actual ride with a support vehicle (Wilfred his VW) will be shadowing my progress and we have planned a meeting point every 40km or so which should be 2 hour intervals. So while I’m kicking back having a coffee, paul can check the bike over.
Paul pretending to be really strong lifting a carbon framed bike above his head
The whole ride should take about 7 hours riding plus the breaks of about 15 minutes every 40km which should see a total riding day of about 8 hours unless we have any mechanical issues.
Assuming I can reach Prestatyn in one day which should be achievable. Road cyclists think nothing of riding 100 miles in a day, it just depends on the surface of the canal path, which has proved to be mostly grass at the moment. Then this will break the back of the 3 day charity ride.
So between now and the 18th it is on with the training, increasing my stamina, hill repeats, long rides. On the 8th I have my 2nd event type thing on Cannock Chase (home ground), doing a 27 mile loop  (43km), so only a little one.
The 15th & 16th I have a MIAS course that I am running so that will be 2 days of 30km each day which will set me up nicely for the 18th, and of course anything else in between.

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