It was recommended that I go to Yoga classes to help with my fitness, and to be honest I did wonder how it was going to help. It was recommended by Peter Nadin who is my dentist but more importantly is an endurance MTB champion so he knows his stuff.

Anne came along with me as she needs to start increasing her exercise now after a year of treatment and Yoga is ideal for her. The room started to fill up with women and I felt a bit self conscious being the only bloke in the room, but after a few minutes my focus was on me. I quickly realized that Peter was right. I did need to do Yoga. I have become very inflexible through riding my bike all the time.

I struggled to get into the simplest of poses and found it almost impossible to straighten my leg under tension. I think I did alright, after all I walked in their with a slight back ache that I have had for the last 3 months and by the time the class had finished the back ache had completely vanished. Mind you it has returned again this morning, along with a couple of other aches. I have been reassured that over time and as my body gains strength these will vanish completely.

So the outcome is this…

On a bike your legs never fully extend and your posture is always a bit hunched over, so you need to counter act this with stretching exercises as soon as you finish your ride. But as most people would not be seen dead doing this in the car park of a Forest Centre I would recommend that you get yourself along to your nearest Yoga class.

Right, I’m now off to buy 2 Yoga mats…..

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