Terms & Conditions

Courses & Events

If you are unclear about the terms of your enrollment for any of our courses please get in touch with us before you book your place on the course.

For Individuals

For paid open courses (Road & trail Maintenance, Home Mechanic, Strip, Clean and Grease Maintenance, MIAS MTB Leader Courses) the full amount payable for the course needs to be paid at the time of booking.

Free courses are provided through funding from our various partners, no payment being required in order to make a booking, but places are subject to availability.

For Organisations

Where immediate payment cannot be made, a purchase order is required to secure course places. An invoice will be then be sent, payment being subject to agreed terms, usually 30 days


For MIAS Courses

Cancellations within four weeks will forfeit 100% of the total cost. If, however, we can fill your place, then we will refund your fees paid less an administration charge of £100

For All Paid Courses other than MIAS

Cancellations more than 14 days before the course – 100%course fee to be available as a credit note.

Between 7 days and 14 days – 50% course fee to be available as a credit note.

Less than 7 days – No refund or transfer of fee

Credit Notes can only be used to re book a place on a future course of the same type and will only remain valid for a maximum of three months from the commencement date of the course.

For Funded Courses

Where cancellation is made within one week of the course taking place, we reserve the right to make a charge equivalent to the price of a paid course

The cancellation time period excludes the actual / first day of the training course.

Tool Club

Your membership gives you access to the tools provided by Bike Hub. the tools will not be available outside of Tool Club published dates and times.

The tools are not allowed to be taken outside the workshop doors at any time. All the tools will be signed over to you as you require them.

All Tool Club members will provide one of the following forms of ID: Driving license, Passport. Along with this we require to see a current utility bill with the members details on.

Bike Hub and its staff are not responsible for any damages caused by you while using any of the tools. You accept full responsibility for the proper use of the tools and the safety of those working in the workshop at the same time.

Failure to complete your repair within the given time of the Tool Club is your responsibility.

Your bikes security is your responsibility at the Tool Club. The workshop will be locked while the club is in progress.

You cannot leave any bikes or parts behind once the Tool Club has finished and any mess that you have created is your responsibility. Rubbish bags will be provided.

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