The Recce Ride

The Recce Ride is what you should do before you take a group out on a ride.

  1. Plan your route
  2. Ride the route with your assistant leader or by yourself
  3. Re-plan if the route is unsuitable for the group
  4. Ride the route with your group knowing what to expect around each corner.


Route Information

Below you can find the core route that we will follow (mostly). You will be given a Route Card to follow during the practical part of the course. Below you can pick up a few tips to make your leading section a bit easier.

1SK 016 172JPAE

The starting point for the course.
1SK 015 180
Rugeley Quarry

The bridleway runs alongside the quarry to the left of the main gate.

This is a working quarry so keep everyone off the road and on the grass behind the metal barrier.
1SK 000 185The route comes to a T-Junction and we will turn right. Down the right hand side of Abrahams Valley.
1SK 004 197The trail now meets the main path that runs up Abrahams Valley. We will turn right and continue down the valley.

This is the handover point and the end of section 1.
2SK 004 212Meadow Lane Canal Bridge

We have now left Cannock Chase and are heading onto the canal towards Shugborough.
2SJ 995 225Essex Bridge

Leaving the canal and using a Bridleway through the grounds of Shugborough Estate
2SJ 980 210Reservoirs

Hidden reservoirs on Cannock Chase, not many people know these even exist.

This is the handover point for section 2
No Image
3SJ 972 211Milford Common

11Km into the ride and we have our first Coffee stop at Run and Ride on Milford Common
3SJ 979 190Coppice Hill Car Park

The top of the climb from Milford. As we approach the road our next trail is directly in front of us.

The climb up is an old railway line that used to ferry troops and German POW to the camp that was at the top of the hill.
3SJ 980 175Chase Road Corner Car Park

A busy car park and the end of section 3.

From here we turn left to the end of the car park and follow the right hand trail.
4SJ 979 164Springslade Lodge

Another potential coffee stop or lunch. We pass the cafe on our right
4SJ 985 157German War Cemetery

As we approach the wooden gate we turn left onto the tarmac track and pass the cemetery on our left.
4SK 010 152RAF Hednesford

Heading along Marquis Drive RAF Hednesford opens up on our right hand side.
5SK 014 153Red Route

FINALLY!!!! Some technical trails. Everyone thinks that this is what it is all about, however these types of trails are the easiest to lead on.

That is way we will ride all the other types of trails......... experience
5SK 001 164Tackaroo

A basic campsite with no facilities, however the red route does pass straight through it so it has its advantages.

From here it is the best part of the Red Route all the way to Birches Valley
5SK 017 170Birches ValleyThat is it, we are back to the start, another coffee anyone?