Tool Club Membership Form

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We require 2 forms of ID. These can be any of the following:

  • - 1st Form of ID
    • - Driving License
    • - Passport
  • - 2nd Form of ID
    • - Utility Bill
    • - Council Tax Bill
  • - The 2nd form of ID must be dated within the last 3 months
  • - Both ID's MUST have your current address on
1st Form of ID:*
2nd Form of ID:*

Please read and tick the box below to confirm that you agree to all the following statements:

  1. All the tools remain the property of Bike Hub and must not leave the building. The door is kept locked at all times to protect the equipment and your bikes whilst on the premises.
  2. Upon arrival you must show your membership card.
  3. You will be allocated a work station with the basic tools. Our technician will do a 'Tool Itinerary' with you upon arrival and departure.
  4. All tools used must be cleaned down before you leave.
  5. Any tools that are missing or broken must be replaced and paid for.
  6. Your bike must be cleaned before arriving at Tool Club.
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We need a recent photograph of you. Don't worry about all the Passport ID stuff, Just a photo that we can recognise as you.

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