Why Do I Need A MTB Leader Qualification?

Many organisations – Outdoor Centres, Schools, MOD, Holiday Companies etc. insist on their staff holding a nationally recognised Mountain Bike Leader / Instructor qualifications.

The MTB Leader / Instructor Course (MIAS Level 1 or Level 2 Qualification)

Although we appreciate, as stated above, that the majority of participants attend the combined Level 1 / Level 2 Training / Assessment to gain a nationally recognised qualification, we know all of our participants complete the combined 2 day training / assessment with far more than a qualification.

MTB Leader / Instructor Courses focus heavily on Coaching / Group Management and Risk Assessment, while still maintaining the ethos of the Mountain Bike Leader / Instructor – To provide – Fun / enjoyment and a duty of care.

Psychological research has demonstrated that outdoor education can have an extremely powerful and positive effect on a persons feeling of self-esteem. Therefore it is of paramount importance that the Mountain Bike Leader / Instructor constantly assesses the group or individual, and provides them with regular feedback. This will enhance their enjoyment / mountain biking skills, and minimise the risks associated with mountain biking.

Choosing a Provider.

Irrespective of which qualification you wish to attain, MIAS, CTC, MBLA etc. it would be prudent to choose a provider with an excellent reputation, who will hopefully exceed your requirements / expectations.